Owners Experience

An owner’s experience:

Your horse is our priority. At Watkins Racing we base all training decisions on the ongoing success of your horse’s racing career: our aim is to provide owners the joy of a win on race day. The benefits of being an owner of a horse in the Watkins Racing Stable are:

  • Peace of mind that your horse is being trained in a naturally relaxing and comfortable environment;
  • Interactive networking experiences with other owners;
  • Free race day entry and additional benefits (what additional benefits – give examples e.g. ‘including but not limited to’;
  • Professional invoicing which is clear, consistent and electronic;
  • First Class Trainer’s Knowledge – the ongoing opportunity to ‘pick the mind’ of an elite trainer and insightful horseman.

Throughout the racing cycle, Watkins Racing will meet communication standards to involve every owner as to the ongoing preparations and activities of their horse and the stable.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Training Updates/Activities via Email/Voice/Video Recording (Fortnightly)
  • Strategic Race Planning update/agenda (Each Prep)
  • Pre and Post Race Feedback and Analysis via verbal/email including Horse Condition, Jockeys report etc.
  • Automated pre and post race feedback via Email/SMS information on:
    • Nominations
    • Weights
    • Pre Race Fields
    • Race Results
  • Horse Update on Key activities, Heath, Location etc (Monthly or where required when not in race mode)
  • Stable related updates on opening times, facilities, open days and events.

Additional Communication Platforms:

  • WR Website (News, Horses Available, Event Planner etc)
  • Webpage Per Horse
    • Pedigree, History/Results, Photos, News, Articles.
  • WR Facebook Page (News, Updates, Networking etc)

Other Owner Opportunities

  • Owner functions (BBQ’s, dinners, events)


Fast-work mornings:

It takes approximately 12 weeks to bring a horse from spelling in the paddock (resting) to be ready to race.

After about 6-8 weeks horses are ready for ‘fast work’ which includes even time, working gallop and sprints. Horses do not fully gallop until they trial or race as it is stressful and horses only have so many ‘gallops’ in them per prep.

Fast work mornings are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, you are welcome to come and watch your horse, pre arranged with Bruce so he can make sure you don’t miss it.


Trial Day:

Come and watch your horse trial before racing – some horses trial once and some twice, depending on how long they have been spelled for, their ‘build’ and wind.


Race Day:
  • Free entry to the races when your horse is racing
  • Entry into the mounting enclosure (dress codes apply)
  • Entry into the owners stand
  • Opportunity to meet the jockey and hear race tactics being discussed with Bruce
  • Meeting new people who are also involved in your horse (if multiple ownership)
  • Bi-annual get-togethers at our farm to meet other owners in other horses trained by us
  • That amazing feeling when your horse crosses the line first followed by drinks at the club committee bar to celebrate your win.